How Does Differential GPS Work?

Differential GPS (Global Positioning System) provides positional corrections to GPS signals and eliminates pseudorange errors – signal delays and distance discrepancies between a satellite and a GNSS receiver. This correction enhances the location data gathered by GPS receivers.

Differential GPS correction services usually require a base station on a precisely known location. Then the base station calculates its position based on satellite signals to the known location and the data is recorded by a roving GPS receiver either in real time in the field using radio signals or through post processing using precision agricultural solutions and software.

Real-Time Differential GPS

Real-time DGPS happens when the base station calculates and broadcasts corrections as it receives data. This results in a differentially corrected position on the roving GPS receiver.

GPS correction services that offer real-time differential GPS are ideal for farmers with large plots of land. Agricultural professionals can expect controlled and repeatable performance with great accuracy. Furthermore, using differential GPS correction services is a cost-effective way to get an exact overview of the land.

How Can Farmers Use DGPS?

Differential GPS has made precision farming even better over the last few years. Through DGPS, farmers can utilise the data gathered for crop efficiency, thus leading to a more efficient farming system. Farmers now know how to further improve seed germination techniques, prevent weeds and pest infestation, and maximise overall crop yields. Data collecting is now a necessary task for many of them. 

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