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By gocrossmedia August 25, 2016

This intuitive display allows you to easily perform day-to-day farming tasks, extend your operating hours, and enhance productivity on your farm. The Trimble® CFX-750™ display provides key precision agriculture functionalities, including:

Guidance and Mapping

  • Coverage, point, line, and area mapping
  • Manual guidance for a number of field patterns, or add hands-free guidance with the EZ-SteerEZ-Pilot™, or Autopilot™ steering systems

Planting and Nutrient/Pest Management

  • Field-IQ™ crop input control capabilities, including seed monitoring, 2-product variable rate application control, boom height control, and automatic section control


  • Yield Monitoring capabilities for grain crops, including load tracking and auto-cut width

Connected Farm™

  • Wireless data transfer between the field and farm office using Trimble Ag Software
  • Data analysis and reporting with Farm Works Software®


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