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FieldLevel II

FieldLevel II

By gocrossmedia August 25, 2016

The Trimble® FieldLevel™ II system streamlines the surveying, designing, and levelling steps required for land levelling projects. It also provides two methods for installing rice levees.     FieldLevel II helps ensure optimal water management by providing improvements in yields, water usage, and farm productivity. Functionalities include:

Land Leveling

Precisely map your fields; create boundaries, interior points, and surfaces with ease; and calculate and report on the true acreage of your survey area-for optimal field coverage and accurate surface designs.

Create a best-fit surface using Autoplane technology; define primary and cross slopes for prescribed orientation and grades; and utilise Multiplane design software for more complex field requirements.

Automatically drive the scraper hydraulic valves on any type of tractor and scraper to level your fields. You can also operate both tandem and dual scraper systems to increase the productivity of your levelling projects.

Levee Design and Installation

Capture 3D topography data using the FieldLevel II Survey and Design module on the FmX® integrated display.

Analyse the shape of the field using 3D view, contours, flow arrows, and tributary information within Farm Works Surface™ software . Define the start point, vertical intervals, and turn radius capability of the machine you’re using and Surface will determine the optimal location for your levees.

Use a Trimble Autopilot™ steering system to accurately guide your tractor as the levees are being installed.



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