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WM-Topo Survey System

WM-Topo Survey System

By gocrossmedia August 25, 2016

Highly Portable

  • The WM-Topo system can be taken into areas that are inaccessible to tractor or truck-mounted survey equipment due to poor field conditions or mature crops-allowing you to easily collect survey data by hand.

Fast Payback

  • The WM-Topo system pays for itself by enabling users to gather topographic survey data year round and in a variety of environments.

Wireless Data Transfer

  • Topographic data collected with the WM-Topo system can be transferred via USB stick or Connected Farm to Farm Works Software ® or the FmX® integrated display to create a 3D model of the field.

Integrates with Drainage and Leveling Operations

  • Surface models created from the collected topographic data can be used to install drain pipes with the WM-Drain™ farm drainage solution or to create a levelling design for use with the FieldLevel II™ system.


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