Installation, Calibration & Training

We offer a full installation service that includes quality control checks to ensure that each system is installed professionally, calibrated and ready for use in the field. On-site training for all operators is also provided.

Field service

Responsive field support is provided through a number of field technicians that will troubleshoot any issues, repair or replace faulty components and ensure your system is back to it’s working potential.

Product Feature Support

Phone and field support is provided to ensure that you’re getting the most from your investment. Our team is familiar with all user interfaces, menus and settings to ensure that a quick phone call gets you back to work knowing that you’re operating the system correctly.

Hardware Repair

Professional hardware repair services are offered to provide a fast turnaround of any equipment that may require a trip to the service centre. Loaner units are available for hire, however this cannot be guaranteed in peak seasons. Send us a message on our Contact Us Page if you would like more information about Trimble Protected Advanced Warranty Plans that provides for Rapid Replacement of any faulty components to ensure your downtime is minised.

Software Installation and Support

We offer a range of Software services and support. Utilising Teamviewer desktop sharing software enables us to work on your laptop or desktop remotely, reducing costs and ensuring that we can deliver a fast, efficient solution.

For inquiries, please see our Contact Us page

Agronomeye Aerial Imagery

Agronomeye delivers same day, accurate and actionable multi-spectral data to the agricultural sector through the use of purpose built remote sensing UAVs (drones).

Covering upwards of 600ha a day, Agronomeye provides a range of crop health metrics to build on the valuable information available to growers and agronomists.

Supplying high-resolution imagery as well as variable rate prescription files sets Agronomeye apart as an industry leader, empowering clients in a way that efficiently minimises costs and maximizes yields.

Agronomeye has developed a workflow that facilitates efficient and targeted testing to be translated to custom management zones, effectively managing the nutritional requirements of the crop while meeting the limitations of precision agriculture hardware.

Learn more about the service Agronomeye can offer by sending us an email or visit their website:


Vantage NSW provides a range of training solutions, from individual, tailored training right up to group training for larger organisations to ensure that your operation is maximising it’s investment in ag technologies.

We offer a range of training services for all hardware offerings as well as software installation, setup and ongoing support.

Correction Services

Vantage NSW RTK Network

Vantage NSW offers a well established Trimble RTK 900 MHZ and Cellular VRS Base Station Network for use with supported Trimble products. Minimise your investment in technologies whilst ensuring you’re operating on the fastest most accurate correction service available. Contact Us to find out if you operation is covered by the Vantage NSW RTK Network.

CenterPoint RTX

  • Trimble RTX’s premier correction service, provides accuracy of 2.5cm via satellite or cellular. No other satellite delivered correction service performs better.
    • Availability: Worldwide
    • High Accuracy: Provides < 2.5cm horizontal accuracy*
    • Quick initialisationCenterPoint RTX converges to full accuracy in 1-5 minutes in select regions, and less than 30 minutes worldwide,** see coverage map for details
    • Multi-constellation support: GPS, GLONASS and QZSS enabled
    • No base station required: No longer worry about losing radio signal connectivity since a base station is not required for Trimble RTX-based correction services
    • Cost Effective: No additional data or cellular plans required
    • Fast Restart (Agriculture) and Quick Start (Survey): Decrease the standard** initialisation time to less than 5 minutes at the beginning of each day by starting your tractor in the same place you shut it off the night before
    • Benefit for farming:  Achieve greater productivity in the field when planting, spraying or spreading.  High accuracy, Trimble CenterPoint RTX, can reduce overlap by 90% – 95%.  This equates to up to a 5% savings on input costs.***

CenterPoint VRS

  • Instant access to real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections utilizing a network of permanent (fixed) continuously operating reference stations.
    • Availability: United States, Europe and Australia
    • High Accuracy: Provides < 2.5 cm (1″) accuracy*
    • Ideal for a variety of high precision agriculture uses in areas having good cellular coverage
    • Instant Initialisation: Start working immediately under optimal conditions**
    • Multi-constellation support: GPS and GLONASS enabled
    • More uptime: Built-in redundancy to ensure connectivity, consistency and quality
    • No base station required: No need to worry about losing radio signal reception since a base station is not needed for Trimble VRS Now-based correction services

RangePoint RTX

  • Affordable, broad accuracy correction service built on Trimble’s exclusive RTX technology, providing <50cm repeatable accuracy via satellite or cellular delivery worldwide.  Agriculture customers can achieve 15 cm (6″) pass to pass accuracy.
    • Availability: Worldwide via satellite accessibility
    • Broad Accuracy: Provides 15 cm (6″) pass to pass accuracy and 50 cm (20″) repeatable accuracy*
    • Ideal for broadacre applications like spraying, spreading and cultivation
    • Quick Initialisation to full accuracy in less than 5 minutes**
    • Multi-constellation support: GPS, GLONASS and QZSS enabled
    • More uptime: Continue working through correction signal interruptions for up to 200 seconds
    • No base station required: No need to worry about losing radio signal reception since a base station is not needed for Trimble RTX-based correction services
    • Cost Effective: No additional data or cellular plans required

Trimble xFill

  • Powered by Trimble RTX technology. Trimble xFill runs seamlessly in the background automatically bridging the gap if a users RTK or VRS correction source is interrupted due to cellular signal disruption or loss of radio connectivity
  • More Uptime: Continue working through signal outages with centimeter-level accuracy* using Trimble xFill, minimising work delays and improving in-field productivity
  • Standard xFill: Free for the first 5-20 minutes (application dependent) after the loss of an RTK correction source on all compatible devices
  • Enhanced xFill: Works indefinitely on the Trimble R10 GNSS System and Trimble NetR9s Geospatial receiver with a valid CenterPoint RTX subscription


* All horizontal accuracy specifications are based on in-field performance 95% of the time.
** Receiver convergence time varies based on GNSS constellation health, level of multipath, and proximity to obstructions such as large trees and buildings.
*** As compared to planting using a guidance system or guidance system with SBAS corrections with a 40 ft planter.  Results may vary based on equipment, field size and other conditions.

Agronomic Services Support

AGRI-TREND®, now part of Trimble, brings professional agronomic software tools to help agronomists and crop advisors work with their farm customers.

Helping farmers become more profitable by providing:

  • Innovative agricultural leadership
  • Unbiased, independent advice
  • Confidence to make better decisions

Soil Sampling/Soil Information System (SIS)

SIS offers precise 3D soil models for dozens of soil physical and chemical characteristics including:

  • Root zone depth
  • Soil texture (clay, sand, coarse fragment content)
  • Moisture holding capacity
  • Compaction characteristics
  • Macro and micro-nutrient levels
  • Salt and toxicity concentrations