Spraying and Spreading

Whether you’re spraying chemicals or spreading fertiliser, the goal is to disperse the optimal amount in the right places. Our spreading and spraying solution allows you to generate prescription maps in the office and then precisely deliver them out in the field. Variable rate spraying and spreading optimises inputs resulting in a greater return on investment and sustainability your land will appreciate.


Planting seed in the right place and the correct depth is crucial for a successful yield and return on investment. Our precision planting solution allows you to create planting maps (based off data) in the office and then accurately deliver them in the field. Precision planting assures seed placement exactly where you want it while saving money by avoiding where you don’t.


Harvesting is the culmination of all your efforts over the duration of the year. Our harvesting solution allows you the ability to see yield data in real-time and depending on the crop, even moisture data to determine if additional drying is necessary. On top of that, generate yearly records to compare growing seasons and long-term trends to fine-tune next year’s crop.

Data Management

Farms nowadays generate massive amounts of data and it can be difficult to keep track of it all. Our data management solution allows all of your farm’s data to be securely stored and accessed from any Internet enabled device at all times. You can even share your data with trusted crop consultants, contractors or advisers without having to travel and visit them.

Soil Analysis

Soil sampling is extremely valuable when determining the optimal amount of inputs required for an efficient and economic crop production. Our state- of-the-art soil sampling solution generates rich data like soil texture, compaction, moisture retention, water availability and soil fertility at the level of detail you need. From EC testing to core samples, we can provide all of your soil sampling needs and the ability to securely share the data with your crop consultant or adviser.

Land Leveling

How water moves across a field is just as important as water itself. Our land leveling solution enables you the ability to streamline the survey, design, and leveling steps necessary to effectively level your field to the necessary slope. Ensure your crops have the adequate amount of water they require to get the most out of your investment.