How Does Differential GPS Work?

Differential GPS (Global Positioning System) provides positional corrections to GPS signals and eliminates pseudorange errors – signal delays and distance discrepancies between a satellite and a GNSS receiver. This correction enhances the location data gathered by GPS receivers.

Differential GPS correction services usually require a base station on a precisely known location. Then the base station calculates its position based on satellite signals to the known location and the data is recorded by a roving GPS receiver either in real time in the field using radio signals or through post processing using precision agricultural solutions and software.

Real-Time Differential GPS

Real-time DGPS happens when the base station calculates and broadcasts corrections as it receives data. This results in a differentially corrected position on the roving GPS receiver.

GPS correction services that offer real-time differential GPS are ideal for farmers with large plots of land. Agricultural professionals can expect controlled and repeatable performance with great accuracy. Furthermore, using differential GPS correction services is a cost-effective way to get an exact overview of the land.

How Can Farmers Use DGPS?

Differential GPS has made precision farming even better over the last few years. Through DGPS, farmers can utilise the data gathered for crop efficiency, thus leading to a more efficient farming system. Farmers now know how to further improve seed germination techniques, prevent weeds and pest infestation, and maximise overall crop yields. Data collecting is now a necessary task for many of them. 

Vantage NSW is a trusted name among farmers and agricultural professionals when it comes to GPS correction services and precision agriculture solutions for all seasons, terrains, crops and vehicles. We are the authorised distributor of Trimble, a company that knows that farmers need accurate data for their farming needs. Learn more on our website and enquire about Differential GPS and our other correction services.

Versatile Tractors Now Trimble Powered

Versatile Tractors Australia announces OEM partnership with Vantage NSW to offer Trimble Precision Agriculture Products to Australian Versatile customers on MY2020 Machines.

Versatile Tractors Australia, a PFG Australia brand, began a new venture with Vantage NSW to offer Trimble Agriculture products on their Versatile range of tractors in the Australian market.

Versatile Tractors are currently offered to the Australian farming and commercial scraper segments in the form of large articulated wheeled and four-track configurations, as well as conventional front-wheel assist tractors with horsepower ranging from an earth-shattering 620hp down to 320hp that are suitable for the vast majority of Australian farming environments. Versatile tractors are manufactured in Canada, where they are backed by a rich history of powerful, reliable tractors.

PFG Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Farming Holdings Limited and employs over 380 people. PFG is a fully independent and privately-owned group of companies with a three-generation family history of serving the New Zealand and Australian tractor and machinery markets.

PFG operates three main trading groups: Power Farming New Zealand, PFG Australia, and PFG America. PFG has wholesale and retail distribution channels in New Zealand and Australia and wholesale distribution channels in America. To serve a customer base spread throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, PFG has made considerable investments in people, facilities and technology.

Vantage NSW is family owned and operated and has been a Trimble Authorised Reseller since 2006. They have worked to grow their operations to service the increasing complexity of farming operations in Australia. Vantage NSW specialises in integrating agronomy, hardware, software and services to improve productivity and profitability of their valued customers.

Jeremy Duniam – Product Manager for Versatile and Precision Agriculture Products.
“It is an exciting venture for our business to be able to offer our dealers and ultimately, our customers the ability to access the leading precision ag platform in the Australian market. We have listened to what the consumers of our products have asked for and reached a point where we can fully satisfy the needs of these customers. Offering a Trimble solution means simplifying what some of our dealers were taking upon themselves. Now, we provide seamless Trimble product installations on our Melbourne production line and deliver the highest level of quality control in our facilities.
We will make it easier for our dealers to attract a new customer base that has already committed to a Trimble precision agriculture platform in their farming operations. Australia is often described as one of the most mature precision farming markets in the world and offers some of the most innovative systems and farming practices. We understand that once a farming operation has committed to a particular brand of precision ag product, it is nearly impossible to move to another brand. We can now offer a solution to change the machinery brand while retaining the precision ag platform and the information that is associated with it.”

“We’re thrilled to announce our new relationship with PFG Australia,” says Michael Casey, General Manager of Vantage NSW. “It enables us to work with some of the leading equipment brands in Australia, alongside a family owned, independent organisation that shares similar values and culture as our own”. Mr Casey went on to say, “By improving access to the Trimble range of products we’re also improving access for end users to a whole range of aftermarket services and solutions available through the established Trimble reseller channel”.

Trimble Adds New Distribution Partner in Australia to its Global Vantage Network for Agriculture

Trimble has added a new Australian distribution partner to its Vantage™ distribution network—a global network of independent experts that provide growers, advisers, retailers and local OEM machinery dealers with precision agriculture expertise for the entire farm.

Vantage NSW: Vantage NSW was established from NFS Agribusiness—a Trimble authorised reseller since 2006. Located in the heart of the Liverpool Plains, Vantage NSW will provide Trimble total farm solutions throughout the central and northern parts of New South Wales, Australia.

Vantage NSW joins previously announced Vantage Western Australia as well as newly appointed Vantage NEA, to provide Vantage precision agriculture services in Australia. Combined, their geographical reach covers three-quarters of the farms and crop land across the country.

As the complexity of integrating multiple systems together across a farming operation increases, so does the need for seamless service and support from technicians that have in-depth knowledge in all areas of precision agriculture. Vantage distributors have a proficient understanding of the entire Trimble portfolio, and they specialize in integrating the hardware, software, data and agronomic considerations across mixed fleet farms to create interoperability throughout an operation’s precision ag systems.
Vantage serves as a farmer’s Partner in Precision Agriculture, providing a premier level of technical expertise, including the ability to connect the agronomic recommendations from a farmer’s advisor to the precision ag processes needed to optimize productivity. Vantage distributors are committed to providing a hassle-free experience, dedicated customer service, valuable training and reliable in-field support in order to minimize the stress and confusion that is often associated with complex technology solutions.

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About Trimble’s Agriculture Division

Trimble’s Agriculture Division provides solutions that solve complex technology challenges across the entire agricultural supply chain. The solutions enable farmers and advisors to allocate scarce resources to produce a safe, reliable food supply in a profitable and environmentally sustainable manner. Covering all seasons, crops, terrains and farm sizes, Trimble solutions can be used on most equipment on the farm, regardless of manufacturer. To enable better decision making, Trimble offers technology integration that allows farmers to collect, share, and manage information across their farm, while providing improved operating efficiencies in the agricultural value chain. Trimble solutions include guidance and steering, agronomy coaching, desktop and cloud-based data management, flow and application control, water management, harvest solutions and correction services. For more information on Trimble Agriculture, visit:


About Trimble

Trimble is transforming the way the world works by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds. Core technologies in positioning, modelling, connectivity and data analytics enable customers to improve productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability. From purpose built products to enterprise life cycle solutions, Trimble software, hardware and services are transforming a broad range of industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial, transportation and logistics. For more information about Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB), visit:

Trimble Establishes Global Vantage Distribution Network

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today that it is extending its distribution channel by establishing a new global network of independent distribution partners to serve the needs of the rapidly evolving precision agriculture industry. The new Vantage™ distribution network will provide growers, advisors, retailers, co-ops and local OEM dealers with precision agriculture expertise for the entire farm. Vantage partners will provide the complete Trimble precision agriculture portfolio and advise growers and their advisors on the right combination of technology-based solutions for their operation to improve farm efficiency and productivity.

MapShots and Trimble Announce New Integration with Trimble’s Connected Farm

MapShots, Inc. and Trimble (NASDAQ:  TRMB) today announced a new integration that allows all users of MapShots’ signature AgStudio® software platform to read as-applied maps and production data from Trimble’s Connected Farm™ solution. Previously, AgStudio software users could only read harvest data from the Connected Farm solution.

Now, users with current subscriptions to AgStudio software are able to communicate seamlessly with Trimble field devices and wirelessly transfer field data, as-applied maps and production data from planters, spreaders and sprayers as well as combines for harvest data. The recent integration taps into the new Trimble Connected Farm file transfer API, which provides data sharing access with the Connected Farm solution, and offers AgStudio software users more flexibility in importing data from an even wider variety of company systems.

“This integration with Trimble’s Connected Farm solution allows our customers greater access to information that streamlines production management,” said Ted Macy, vice president of operations at MapShots. “Whether it’s variable rate seeding, variable rate fertility, or managing harvest data, AgStudio software users now can import even more valuable information and make decisions based on activities carried out by Trimble guidance and steering systems.”

Trimble’s Connected Farm solution combines industry-leading hardware and software to increase efficiency and enable better decision making. Together, the two companies allow agricultural providers to better manage production data.

“The integration with MapShots AgStudio software fits into Trimble’s Connected Farm strategy to provide growers a more complete picture of their field activities while allowing them a choice of software tools to analyze data and make production decisions,” said Pierre-Andre Rebeyrat, strategic marketing director of Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “We are excited to welcome MapShots to the growing list of companies that have taken advantage of the Connected Farm file transfer API.”